FHAT – Feeding Hungry Animals Today

Our main drive is to provide a nutritious meal too all domestic animals in need of food.

FHAT - Feeding Hungry Animals Today

FHAT is the appointed and certified co-packer for a leading international pet food manufacturer in South Africa. Our responsibility is to collect all damaged packages from the retail stores, strip and remove all branding, and then blend the respective foods. We then re package into bulk bags for ease of handling. We don’t receive any remuneration from the manufacturer and we are only entitled to sell the salvaged pet food and products to Animal Welfare Associations- or to individuals who purchase to donate to such associations. 

All Stock is subject to availability at the time.

FHAT ensures that we sort, pack and dump where necessary in a responsible manner. We are subjected to regular audits to ensure that we comply with our certification. We have implemented batch control systems and all best before dates are well regulated. All non-conforming products are disposed of safely and incineration certification is available on request.

Please download our Price List below- If you have any questions or unsure of anything, please give me a call. Please note that the pricing is only applicable to Animal Shelters and such welfares. Purchasing for personal use, the prices are higher.




Stacie Bekker:
Feeding Hungry Animals Today

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