Functional Training

Functional Training and Lifestyle Solutions provides functional training that incorporates your sports and lifestyle solutions to increase your enjoyment of your chosen passion or activity.

Our ethos is based around the principle of healthy and proper and efficient movement; improper movement is a big problem today as we develop poor movement habits from every day activities such as sitting slouched while working on a laptop or PC.

Using basic movements we realign and teach the body how to move correctly before progressing onto the second phase which is building strength and fitness on top of a body that is now moving correctly.

Our assessments often lead to injury identification which is then assessed further after which recommendations on treatment and rehabilitation is made in conjunction with medical specialists if required.

Functional training and Lifestyle Solutions Programs also include:

  • Corporate Fitness
  • Equestrian Rider Programs
  • ASPIRE Program, a functional program designed to prepare an athlete for a specific event, Cape Epic, Two Oceans Ultra, etc.
  • Stand Up Paddler Programs, fitness and sports rehabilitation