Bike Fit

Renay Groustra is a Cape Town based professional mountain biker, who has a passion for racing and riding his bike in interesting places. He is also a passionate surfer, sporadic trail runner, kitchen pirate, coffee snob, and bike fitment specialist.

Ergofit bicycle fitment

A good bike fitment is essential for all cyclists. A bike fitment from an experienced bike fitter will improve comfort, increase efficiency and result in an improved performance on the bike. Every cyclist whether new or experienced will have limitations on the bike, as a human being is not symmetrical, while a bicycle is. It is therefore also important to minimise these limitations to decrease injury risk.

Renay has over 6 years of bike fitment experience as well as 16 years of racing experience. He prides himself in using the most recent and up to date scientific bike fit methods to ensure a dynamic fitment outcome for each rider and carries this through with the professionalism learnt through his years as a pro rider on the World Cup circuit.

Renay works in conjunction with Beyond Performance, a Physio and Biokinetics practice at Trail and Tar to provide solutions for riders with issues that go further than bike fit.