BREW KOMBUCHA LIVE NATURAL ENERGY: A naturally fermented rooibos tea blend. 100% organic ingredients. No added preservatives. Made with spring water.  

How much sugar is in your cereal

Although they punt themselves as a healthy, easy breakfast option, cereals are loaded with sugar. A 100g bowl of Milo cereal, for example, has about the same amount of sugar as a chocolate bar.   Image ref: 

The Real Meal Revolution

The Real Meal Revolution challenges long-held beliefs of medical science, and does so in an easily accessible and entertaining way. An instant classic of modern dietary literature, Real Meal continues to reeducate medical professionals and members of the public alike, changing lives with its wisdom. The Real Meal Revolution is jam packed with delicious recipes 

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Passion4Wholness Product range

  Passion4Wholeness: Designed by Hannele Steyn: BSc (Microbiology & Genetics), Nutritionist Springbok colours in 5 disciplines, World Champion Triathlete, Winner Cape Epic.  “Every Ingredient has a reason”   Passion4Wholeness Low Carb High Fat Meals There are two products in this range: Pure Cacao OR Turmeric & Cinnamon LCHF Both products are Vegan and  Gluten free. They 

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Banting on the Go

Natural Raw goodness has teamed up with  Banting on the Go; to bring you great tasting Hight fat , low carb meals. Our mission at NRG: Is to provide healthy “fast food ” for people on the go! and Banting on the Go delivers. Want to know more about Banting? Read our Banting for Beginners 

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Banting for Beginners

William Banting was a British undertaker who was very obese and desperately wanted to lose weight. In the year 1862 he paid a visit to his doctor, William Harvey, who proposed a radical eating plan that was high in fat but included very few carbohydrates. By following this eating plan Banting experienced such remarkable weight 

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