Banting on the Go

Natural Raw goodness has teamed up with  Banting on the Go; to bring you great tasting Hight fat , low carb meals. Our mission at NRG: Is to provide healthy “fast food ” for people on the go! and Banting on the Go delivers.

Want to know more about Banting? Read our Banting for Beginners guide here 

Banting on the Go Boost chocBoost Energy Shake (250ml)

This is the latest supplementary drink technology designed around metabolic principles outlined by LCHF research. These drinks are safe for ALL consumers, irrespective of age and gender and specifically for people who don’t want to take in carbohydrates, fructose, sugar nor caffeine.We have tested these with mountain bikers and trail runners in the longer endurance events and the results have been astounding. The fat content and AAC Chelated minerals keep the athlete FULL for around 3-5 hours. So no need for energy bars, or snacking while you participate. The fat from the drink provides a sustained energy source and the chelated minerals eliminate cramping and muscle fatigue to the point of break down. The total shake “package” is a powerful 250ml “bomb” that gives you a solid energy base to both muscles and the brain and is an essential food source.

gogo vanilla smudgeGoGo Shake (300ml)

These are the thirst quencher range of shakes for a grab and go drink on the run. Lower fat content than the Boost and Smoothies, but enough to fill the gap and tackle thirst. Smooth and creamy, it drinks just like a single thick milkshake, and most importantly it is PREBIOTIC and also contains no known allergens. We have 3 flavours and are working on a 4th right now – strawberry. All organic base ingredients and nothing artificial in these shakes ensures that 100% of the drink is metabolized as an effective source of nutrition.

vanilla choc smoothieREAL MEAL REPLACEMENT Smoothie (340ml)

These smoothies are PREBIOTIC as well as very low carb and sugar free. Most importantly each bottle contains 35g of fat. These smoothies also have real banting chocolate bits infused into the drink, which adds texture to the REAL MEAL REPLACEMENT taste experience. Each shake will stave off hunger for between 4-8 hours, depending on the individual (size and weight). The smoothies provide all the sustenance required to keep you full for prolonged periods, which assists tremendously for those who are also looking to lose weight, or do not have access to healthy food immediately. These smoothies truly are revolutionary and will play a vital role in the lives of consumers looking for a quick, low carb, sugar-free meal on the run. Currently available in 3 delicious flavours.

Want to know more about Banting? Read our Banting for Beginners guide here 

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