NRG is the acronym for Natural Raw Goodness and a play on the word “energy.” Based inside Trail and Tar in Tokai: NRG Smoothies, Coffee and Superfood Bar, is designed to meet the needs of health enthusiasts on the go. Managed and run by Sean Fraenkel, an avid cyclist who knows that proper fueling leads to better race results .

The NRG brand approach is to focus on health and fitness lifestyle enthusiasts. Created to target consumers who desire quick, great-tasting food options that won’t jeopardise their health-conscious lifestyle. NRG succeeds with nutrient-packed products that fuel and satisfy everyone from the athlete to the novice, and all those in between.

Besides smoothies and raw food on the go, NRG Smoothies, Coffee and Superfood Bar, functions as a mini/boutique health store: our aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle through selling of ingredients and equipment, so our customers can continue with their healthy nutrition at home.

Coffee is about enjoyment and its NRG’s duty to supply you with the best and freshest coffee possible. That’s why they use artisan coffee supplied by Kamili Coffee. Kamili meaning ‘perfect’ in Swahili – and perfection is experienced through enjoyment.

We are situated at the foot of Tokai Mountain (Click to view map); the mountain bike and rail running Mecca in the Southern Suburbs. There are 3 additional business under one roof where NRG is located. All three business’s focus on health and fitness lifestyle enthusiasts and we have formed a synergy with our client base.

These 3 business’s are:

  1. Trail and Tar: The running, cycling social store.
  2. Tablemountainbiker : Bicycle fitment specialist and coaching services.
  3. Beyond Performance: A multidisciplinary sports injury centre.


Why we do what we do:

Sean Fraenkel is the owner of Natural Raw Goodness and a silent partner at Trail and Tar shares why he started NRG:

“Through twenties I struggled with my weight. I averaged 103 kg’s for a decade and according to my BMI, I was clinically obese. Regardless of how much training I did, I could not  drop below 100kgs. My 2014 offshore dive medical done in the UK was the last straw. I got 6 months clearance to dive as opposed to the standard 12 months as my weight had reached 110kg’s.

Sean before a dairy free superfood based lifestyle.
Sean before a dairy free superfood based lifestyle.
Sean 3 years into a more dairy free superfood based lifestyle. Finishing 1st in a 1100km unsupported cycle race

After watching a documentary entitled Food Matters, and seeking advice from James Raaff (House of Holistic Health), I found the power of superfoods, and moved to a more plant based diet while reducing my dairy intake as well. The results were astounding. Radically my weight dropped and with my new found energy I started competing in mountain bike events with pretty good results.

In 2016 I really focused on my training and nutrition and managed a few podium positions. I firmly believe I could not have have achieved what I did without proper nutrition.

When the opportunity presented itself to open up coffee bar at Trail and Tar in 2015 I knew I had to share my new love affair with Superfoods with other cyclists and other athletes.”

NRG’s smoothies are packed with power of Superfoods. Our smoothies and other items are not just stomach fillers but are designed as functional food to provide nutrition at a cellular level. Perfect for athletes who want results and health conscious individuals after quality nutrition on the go.

The NRG Brand promise:

To provide our customers with high quality nutrition at a cellular level so they can perform at their best.